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ADPA Position Statement on the PA Doctoral Degree Title

Presently, the ADPA association finds itself at a juncture where the evidence available does not
decisively support the endorsement of any specific degree title for doctorate physician associate
academic programs. The exploration and evaluation of various degree titles necessitate a
thorough examination of their alignment with the program's objectives, educational standards,
and professional expectations.

Our commitment lies in ensuring that chosen degree titles accurately reflect the rigor, expertise,
and responsibilities inherent in the role of a physician associate. We recognize the significance of
this decision in shaping the perception and understanding of the profession within both academic
and professional spheres.

Therefore, we advocate for a comprehensive review process, guided by empirical evidence,
stakeholder input, and best practices in academic program development prior to making formal
recommendations for doctoral degree titles. This approach will enable us to make an informed
decision that upholds the integrity and credibility of the doctorate physician associate program
while meeting the evolving needs of the healthcare landscape.

In the absence of conclusive evidence, we remain open to ongoing dialogue and collaboration
with relevant stakeholders, including educators, practitioners, accrediting bodies, and
policymakers. Together, we will navigate this complex terrain with a commitment to excellence,
innovation, and the advancement of the physician associate profession.

ADPA Board of Directors

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