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Read below to find out important facts and information about the Academy of Doctoral PAs (ADPA) vice president. You'll find relevant information, such as experience, highest degree earned, and direction for the organization.

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Aisha Hussein, DMS, PA-C

Aisha Hussein's dedication to medicine is woven with dedication, growth, and a deep passion for
sharing knowledge. After graduating with her Physician Assistant (PA) degree in 2013, she
embraced the challenges and rewards of frontline care as a hospital PA. Yet, her thirst for deeper
knowledge and a desire to shape the future of healthcare kept her searching for advanced
Fueled by this passion, Aisha pursued a Doctor of Medical Science (DMS) degree at Lincoln
Memorial University (LMU), graduating in 2019. This academic journey wasn't just about
acquiring knowledge; it was about finding her true calling as an educator. 
Today, Aisha serves as faculty and program director for LMU's DMS program. Her journey,
from hospitalist to educator, exemplifies her unwavering commitment to making a difference in
the lives of others. Whether in the classroom or at a patient's bedside, Aisha's dedication and
empathy empower future healthcare professionals to take a step back and do what they do best,

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